Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strange Creatures: The Story of Walter Rothschild and His Museum by Lita Judge- ADVISABLE.

Judge, Lita. Strange Creatures: The Story of Walter Rothschild and His Museum.  40 pages.  Hyperion Book CH. 2011.  $17.99. PICTURE BOOK.  Content, G. “Walter Rothschild was a very unusual boy.  He was born into a family of bankers and was nearly the richest boy in the world.  But that’s not what made him unusual.  Walter was so shy he barely spoke.  He had no friends, but loved every creature that crawled, slithered, or flew. Strange Creatures is the story of how a painfully shy boy followed his passion and became a brilliant scientist, forever changing our understanding of the world’s diversity of creatures.”  This informational book is full of beautiful illustrations and interesting text.  There is a great message in the fact that Walter never gave up on his dreams, even though his father tried to steer him into the banking profession.   Because he followed his passions, today we are still benefitting from his collections and knowledge.  EL (K-3).  ADVISABLE.  Reviewer:  SL

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