Monday, April 4, 2011

The Edge (Starfleet Academy Book) by Rudy Josephs -OPTIONAL

Josephs, Rudy The Edge (A Starfleet Academy Book) , 256 pgs. Simon Spotlight, 2010. $7.99. Sexual Content: PG
Series Note: This story takes place at the Starfleet Academy, set just before the 2009 Star Trek Movie (a prequel to the original Star Trek TV Show of the 1960’s). The reader finds Cadet Kirk, Cadet McCoy, and Cadet Uhuru living in the campus dorms in future San Francisco.
In this installment, McCoy is faced with a medical mystery. Against Academy rules, cadets have been physically altered to improve their performance and its leading a range of problems, and accusations. Meanwhile Kirk is busy romancing and competing, while Uhuru trying to gain the recognition of her superior, Commander Spock. Will the pieces of the mystery come together in time to prevent tradedy?
Much like the other Academy book I reviewed, I believe the student must be a fan to have an interest in this series, since there are no introductions to the characters. I could not discern an order to the books, but in any case, this one can function as a stand alone. This story provided a bit of background for some of the main characters and was more character driven than plot driven. Overall, an easy to read story that is entertaining and far from being mentally taxing.
MS HS–OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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