Monday, April 4, 2011

The Delta Anomoly (A Starfleet Academy) by Rick Barba -OPTIONAL

Barba, Rick The Delta Anomoly (A Starfleet Academy Book) ,224 pgs. Simon Spotlight, 2010. $7.99. Sexual Content: PG
Series Note: This story takes place at the Starfleet Academy, set just before the 2009 Star Trek Movie (a prequel to the original Star Trek TV Show of the 1960’s). The reader finds Cadet Kirk, Cadet McCoy, and Cadet Uhuru living in the campus dorms in future San Francisco. Life there has its rules, but there are also pranks, rivalries, and even free time.
In this installment: A killer is stalking the streets, killing people with a mysterious black powder of some kind. It will take the combined effort of the Kirk and his friends to figure out what it going on, of course when they aren’t studying and participating in class projects.
Star Trek is a huge part of American Culture, so as I figure it students will either be interested or not willing to touch it with a ten foot pole. Better still if they have at least seen the 2009 movie, because the book does very little in the way of introductions. Although it’s a college setting, the content is still fairly tame (kissing and innuendo), so it appropriate for a wide age range. Can be a stand alone book. The plot was engaging and interesting, interspersing action with splices of social life, education, and campus life.
MS HS–OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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