Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fallen Angel by Heather Terrell - OPTIONAL

Terrell, Heather Fallen Angel, pgs. 336 HarperCollins Teen, 2011. $8.99. Language-PG-13 swear count-10 words; Sexual Content-PG-13; Violence-PG-13; Ellie has always been told that she was normal, but when she starts to get "powers" and meets Michael, she starts to think differently. Together they find out about who they are, and running away from home. On the way though, they meet some enemies. Can they make it back home alive and with the truth? I liked this book, there was some violence, killing and language, but it was still pretty good. It wasn't a book that I would just have to have.  HS-OPTIONAL. Student Reviewer: K.B.
FYI - this is first edition in paperback.

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