Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amos Daragon (Book 1: The Mask Wearer) by Bryan Perro OPTIONAL

Perro, Bryan Amos Daragon (Book 1: The Mask Wearer) , 176 pgs. Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2011. $11.43.

Content: PG


Amos is a young man living with his parents under the tyranny of Lord Edonf. When Amos is given a mission by a dying mermaid, he outwits the Lord and they leave to try to accomplish his quest. A roadblock is encountered when they come to the town ruled by Yaune the Purifier and his knights. They are executing innocent people in hopes of stopping the threat that is leaving villagers and animals turned to stone. Amos is forced to become involved when his new found friend, who can turn into a bear, is taken by the knights for execution. When it is revealed that Yaune has wronged a powerful evil sorcerer Karmakas, a new wave of trouble finds Amos having to face his greatest challenge. Will he be distracted from his quest? Will his wits be enough, or is something more powerful in the works to aid him?

This book presents an abrupt, hard edged writing style that reminded me so much of the matter of fact way the Grimm Brothers recorded stories. References to widely known mythical characters from across the spectrum of cultures add to this feeling of a fable being told. The main character Amos is the least intriguing, in that his level of whit leaves him almost infallible. Although the story was interesting enough to keep me reading and the supporting characters were fun (I liked the Medusa’s attachment to their snake hair), I was left feeling cold about the outcome. This book is sort of a step up from those old Grimm tales, almost like its waiting for someone to flesh it out and breathe life into it, as has been done over the years for many of those classics. A popular series worldwide, newly translated to english, it might be worth reading more of the series to see if the story and characters improve.

Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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