Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Frederick Douglass: The Lion who wrote History by Walter Dean Myers -OPTIONAL

Myers, Walter Dean and illustrated by Cooper, Floyd Frederick Douglass: The Lion who wrote History PICTURE BOOK 265 pgs. Harper, 2017. $18.00
A short picture book biography of Frederick Douglass, starting with his childhood in reading, the battle of coming of age as a man, his daring escape from slavery, his efforts for the rights of African American’s and women, and much more. Features amazing illustrations by one of my favorite illustrators today, Floyd Cooper.
This didn’t feel like it was written for young readers (elementary age) to me, it felt more like an excerpt from an encyclopedia. Some of the events would be confusing for students, like when he fights back against a slave owner, why the slave owner would just let that slide, given the time period and punishments allowed. I would rate the illustrations as essential and top notch, but if you want an amazing book about this incredible person, read Frederick’ Journey by Doreen Rappaport (which has terrible illustrations), with its clearer explanations and
Inclusions from his autobiography on every page.
EL –OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author

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