Saturday, February 11, 2017

Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise At Night by George - ADVISABLE

George, Kallie Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise At Night, illustrated by Oriol Vidal. PICTURE BOOK. HarperCollins Publishers, 2017. $17.99. Content: G.

Three siblings, Feather (a duck), Flap (a duck), and Spike (a dinosaur) are spending their first night away from Mother Duck’s nest. Though initially excited and confident, they quickly get scared awake by a loud noise. They try to hide, run away, and scare off the noise themselves to no avail. In the end it’s discovered that the loud scary noise is just Spike snoring! 

I really enjoyed this book from my first read and in subsequent re-readings to my kids. Kids will love the antics of the three characters—especially Spike—and many will relate to feeling scared at night. The illustrations are fun and the text is just the right length for kids to enjoy. This is a great choice for a read-aloud and a good addition to any library. 

Pre-K, EL (K-3)—ADVISABLE. Reviewer: TC

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