Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Lost and the Found by Cat Clarke - OPTIONAL

Clarke, Cat The Lost and the Found, 354 pages. Language:  R (50 swears, 13 “f”);  Mature Content: R;  Violence: R;

What happens when a child is abducted and found again 13 years later?  Told from Faith’s point of view, she describes the impact of Laurel's disappearance and reappearance on herself and her family.  Laurel tries to re-establish herself into the family and learn how to survive in the real world. As the story unfolds, incongruencies leave Faith wondering just who Laurel has become.   

This was a slow paced book where not much happened throughout.   So when doubts about Laurel were raised, I knew to take note and therefore was prepared for the surprise twist at the end. What surprised me more was the very last paragraph. The author revealed Laurel’s sacrifice she made for her family when she was kidnapped. As a reader, it made me question what difficult things would I do for family. Consideration needs to be taken into account when recommending this book due to the mature content of kidnapping, rape, sex and sexual abuse.  The author never delves deep into these issues, but it is the premise of the book. 


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