Monday, June 27, 2011

Katie and the Cupcake Cure by Coco Simon–ADVISABLE

Simon, Coco Katie and the Cupcake Cure (Cupcake Diaries series #1), 160 pgs. Simon Spotlight, 2011. $5.99.

Katie is starting junior high, but things are much different than she expected. Her very best friend, Callie, has totally ditched her for the popular girls club (self-named) and getting used to the lockers and classes isn’t easy. When she meets Mia, a girl from Manhattan, Katie realizes that maybe its time to make new friends. Turns out Katie’s hobby of making cupcakes with her mom is going to help her makes friends and her mark on the school.

This book was almost as sweet as the cupcakes that are frequently described. Would be appealing to older elementary students who are nervous for the upcoming change to junior high. But I definitely junior high students would not like these, as the plot and the characters are very tame and slightly glossed over. Memorable characters, fun and danger free plot, and the extremely hunger inducing addition of cupcakes= advisable!

Elementary – ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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