Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creepover: Truth or Dare by P.J. Night

Night, P.J. Creepover: Truth or Dare, 142 p. Simon , 2011.  During her sleepover, Abby reveals that she likes Jake, another middleschooler, and almost immediately creepy things start happening.  Weird noise, a 4am text message meant to scare, a ripped up blouse – Abby is seriously creeped out  and her best friend seems to think she is crazy.  But it looks like Jake’s former girlfriend – the one who died so suddenly – may be back to keep all girls away from him.  Whoever P.J. Night is, they seem to be poised to takeover the reins from R.L. Stine.  With the re-release of Stine’s catalog , a new generation of students will be looking to be scared.  Night’s books will be a nice addition to the scareworld – and they are printed in paperback.  EL, MS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher.

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