Monday, June 27, 2011

Good as Lily by Derek Kirk Kim –Not Recommended

Kim, Derek Kirk and Illustrated by Hamm, Jesse Good as Lily, 256 pgs. Minx, 2007. $13.25. Language-PG (Swear Count: 0); Violence-G; Sexual Content-PG).
Grace Kwon is a high school girl who loves to act and has a great group of friends who care about her. When a strange twist of fate saddles her with 3 versions of herself: a child self, an adult self, and an elderly self –she has a lot more on her plate than she’s used to. She juggles keeping them hidden while trying to save her school play. Each of them interferes and something profound must happen for them to disappear.
I think Grace is supposed to change her life by overcoming the issues in her past and future, via confronting those other selves. Its overly complicated, not to mention with the addition of her own issue –her sister Lily that passed away. The art is fun, the characters are distinct, but I got bogged down in all the ‘life lessons’. I think students would be irritated with this as well, as it comes across almost preachy. Not recommended.
HS – NOT RECOMMENDED. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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