Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boom by Mark Haddon -ADVISABLE

Haddon, Mark Boom, 208 pgs. David Fickling Books, 2010. $11.19. Violence: G
James and his best friend Charlie are mostly juvenile delinquents. In attempt to find out if James is going to be sent to a special school for bad kids, they are stunned to overhear a couple of teachers talking in a secret language. Thanks to a bit of sleuthing, they discover that these teachers might have a big secret to hide. Threats, disappearances, and kidnapping attempts are sure to follow. Can Charlie convince his big sister Amy to believe him? Better yet, to help him?
I adore this book. The story and character immediately pulled me, and I actually felt like I was there with the boys are they spied on their teachers and found out shocking information. The characters are quirky, fun, and especially well written. The plot is full of twists that grow more incredible and even silly. However as a reader I ‘bought in’ so early on that these plot surprises were welcome. Very entertaining!
Elementary –ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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