Monday, June 27, 2011

The Covens Daughter by Lucy Jago –ADVISABLE

Jago, Lucy The Covens Daughter, 256 pgs. Hyperion Book CH, 2011. $13.25. Language-PG (Swear Count: 0); Violence-PG; Sexual Content-PG).
This period piece follows Cecily, a lowly poultry girl, as she tries to discover what happened to her missing friend William. Cecily puts herself in harms way more than a few times and discovers there is something sinister afoot. It is at this time that Cecily finds out that she is a witch, something she is not too excited about. Will her growing powers and those of the coven be enough to stop tragedy from befalling all of England?
Traditional wiccan style “magic” that is far from over the top, allowed the author to set a wonderful stage for character driven ingenuity, bravery, and luck. The pacing is just fast enough to keep the reader interested, while still allowing them to get to know the people and places. Students will enjoy the both the many mysteries and the refreshing look at magic found in this book.
MS, HS – Advisable. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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