Friday, June 10, 2011

Agent Q or the smell of Danger by MT Anderson –NOT RECOMMENDED

Anderson, MT Agent Q or the smell of Danger (Pals in Peril), 304 pgs. Beach Lane Books, 2010. $11.89.
The story follow the attempt of a group of monks to get three children, Lily, Katie, and Japser, home to New Jersey. Unfortunately the ruler of Delaware, Autarch of Dagsboro, is trying to stop them. This is because the children and the monks know where the monastery and its treasures have moved to. Using his agents of the Ministry of Silence, the Autarch will stop at nothing to apprehend the group. When they meet up with Taylor Quizmo, they think they have found a way to safety, but things have a way of getting a mixed up in this adventure.
This book is in my bottom three book I have reviewed to date. It was overly complicated, action packed with little direction, whimsical to the point of total nonsense, and featured incredibly annoying extra details –like asides and notes. As a continuation of a series, little effort was made to allow me to get to know the characters or endear me to their situation. A teacher would dread reading this book aloud as many of the character names and places are without vowels. Students would have a hard time with this book because of the frantic and often ADD-like complexity of the story.
EL – NOT RECOMMENDED. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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