Monday, June 13, 2011

Charlie and Lola: My Best, Best Friend based on characters by Lauren Child -OPTIONAL

Based on Characters by Lauren Child Charlie and Lola: My Best, Best Friend (Based on the original Charlie & Lola stories), 32 pgs. Dial, 2011. $11.55.
Lola and Lotta are best friends, they do everything together, especially looking at the school fish pond. When a new girl comes to school, named Evie, it appears that Lola might be losing her best, best friend. When big brother Charlie intervenes, it looks like Lola might just find a way to get her best friend back.
After my glowing review of another Charlie and Lola, I was incredibly disappointed. I then realized this book was based on the characters by Lauren Child, not written by her. That explains a lot. The ‘lesson’ here lacked subtlety, the artwork had a clip art feeling, and intervention by Charlie to help Lola was actually quite awkward. It lacked the artistry, creativity, and fun of a real Lauren Child book. I only recommend buying if you have a following for the series at your school.
EL –OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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