Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Nat Enough by Maria Scrivan - ADVISABLE

Nat Enough by Maria Scrivan, 240 pages, GRAPHIC NOVEL Graphix (Scholastic), 2020. $25.

Content: G.



Natalie is just starting middle school, but she's having some self-confidence problems and feels like she's not enough - not talented enough, not popular enough, not pretty enough. Also her best friend since 2nd grade, Lily, has found another friend and has turned mean, calling Natalie a nerd and ignoring her. Nat is obsessed with winning Lily back, and barely notices the good new friends she's made. But when her Language Arts teacher announces a story contest, Natalie has a great idea. 

Maria Scrivan's artwork is great - expressive characters and well designed panels. The storyline is easy to relate to, and the message is important. Similar in style to Raina Telgemeier and Victoria Jameson, I'm sure this will be popular in my library.

Lisa Librarian

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