Monday, December 30, 2019

Marie Curie A Life of Discovery by Alice Milani - OPTIONAL

Marie Curie A Life of Discovery by Alice Milani translated from Italian by Kerstin Schwandt 208 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL Graphic Universe Lerner Imprints, 2019 $15.

Language: PG (5 swears, 0 'f') Mature Content: PG (mention of scandals) Violence: PG.



The adult life of Marie Curie is recounted by her daughter in flashback. We see glimpses of her education, personal life and scientific career as well as social and cultural feelings of the times including the roles of women in the home and in professional life. 

Milani's graphic novel is difficult to follow. Quite a bit of background knowledge is necessary as much of the plot is told in conversations - so many different characters it was hard to keep track of everyone. Lots of scientific discussions as well - even the description of Radium that was directed to a child was confusing.  The illustrations seem messy, the text is disjointed - like overhearing snatches of conversation. I think an average middle schooler would quickly lose interest.

Lisa Librarian

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