Tuesday, July 31, 2018

What’s Your Favorite Color by Eric Carle and Friends - ESSENTIAL

What’s Your Favorite Color by Eric Carle and Friends. BOARD BOOK. Godwin Books (Henry Holt and Company), 2017. $9. 9781250184207



In this book, different picture book illustrators describe their favorite color and pair it will an illustration of their own creation. The illustration is dominated by the color they chose as their favorite.There are fifteen colors and illustrations. 

I love the concept behind this book of having different illustration styles and different claims on a favorite color. It was be fun to use in a lesson on the parts of book, specifically talking about the illustrator. It could also be used in a colors unit or a favorite things unit. It would be an easy writing prompt to have students follow the formate of the book by picking a favorite color, writing why it is their favorite color, and drawing a picture. 

Jen Wecker, HS English Teacher

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