Saturday, July 14, 2018

Niblet & Ralph by Zachariah Ohora - ESSENTIAL

Niblet & Ralph by Zachariah Ohora. PICTURE BOOK. Dial (Penguin), 2018. $18. 9780735227910



Two neighbors have cats that look the same and those cats are secretly friends. One day the cats get stuck in each others’ apartment when they intended to visit each other. Their owners suspect they don’t have the right cat now and go looking for them and end up finding not just their cats but a friendship in each other. 

This book has a little bit of everything is such a short story. It is a friendship story, an adventure story, a love story, and an animal story. This book also features apartment living, a single mom and a single dad, and main characters of color.     

Jen Wecker, HS English Teacher

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