Saturday, July 14, 2018

This Makes Me Angry by Courtney Carbone - ADVISABLE

This Makes Me Angry by Courtney Carbone, illustrated by Hilli Kushnir. EARLY READER. Rodale Kids, 2018. $14. 9781635650723



A young boy is having a rough day.  His little brother is bugging him and he spilled his milk at school. Not knowing what to do with his anger, he yells at his classmates and is sent to the principal. The principal teaches him how to draw a picture in a journal when he is angry and it works at calming him down. 

I have found that students tend to enjoy reading about other kids feeling strong emotions, making bad decisions, and then learning how they deal with it.  Anger isn’t a bad emotion, but what we do with it can be, making this an important topic for young readers. My only wish for this book is for it to have a few more suggestions on how to deal with anger.  One tool is good, but rarely enough.  

Reviewer: Jen W.

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