Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mae and June and the Wonder Wheel by Charise Mericle Harper - ADVISABLE

Mae and June and the Wonder Wheel by Charise Mericle Harper, 120 pages. CHAPTER BOOK. Houghton Mufflin Harcourt, 2017. $16.

Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G



June is the only one who can hear Sammy talk (her best friend who also happens to be her family's pet dog). Today they have their first ever mission – to find a new friend. When she receives a package from her grandmother containing a spinning wheel, and starts following the instructions for the first of six weeks of wondering activities, June finds new confidence. She reaches out to the new girl, Mae, who has moved in next door, and is determined to not let a classmate, April, intimidate her, even though April seems to want to keep Mae all to herself.

This making-a-new-friend story is narrated in June’s believable voice and has some unique details, like a dog only she can hear and understand. From her eye-rolling teenaged sister to her interactions in the classroom, this is a solid addition for your younger chapter-book readers. And since June only made it through the first week of suggestions on the Wonder Wheel, the door is open for future adventures with April, Mae, and June.

P. K. Foster, teacher-librarian

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