Friday, July 13, 2018

This Makes Me Silly by Courtney Carbone - ADVISABLE

This Makes Me Silly by Courtney Carbone, illustrated by Hilli Kushnir. EARLY READER. Rodale Kids, 2018. $14. 9781635650754



A young girl goes to the zoo with her family.  In her excitement she starts to feel and act silly, sometimes disturbing the animals and others.  Her parents and the zoo keeper help her realize she is being disruptive and teach he some strategies for calming down. Ultimately she recognizes when she is too silly and uses her new strategies. 

This books is fun to read because of the bright illustrations and the comparison between the kids and the animals in the zoo. This book has breathing and counting strategies and demonstrates a child learning empathy.  While the characters and lessons are clear, the plot is a little circular and it is a bit of work to follow.

Reviewer: Jen W.

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