Sunday, July 15, 2018

Pikiq by Yayo - ADVISABLE

Pikiq by Yayo.  PICTURE BOOK.  Tradewind, 2017 (English translation; 2015 French edition).  $17. 9781926890050



In the far north, Pikiq, a rosy cheeked, hooded child, is pulling his red sled across a wide expanse of snow with his friends Kri, a crow, and Bou, a snowy owl, when he comes across a half buried old box. Inside he discovers pencils, papers, and paints along with a book filled with pictures of trees and animals he’d never seen before. He spends all day drawing them, on paper and then on the snow. The next day he sets out to find these trees and animals, and experiences many other fanciful wonders along the way, such as playing hide-and-seek with upside-down trees, fishing for the moon, or playing around an inukshuk with animals from faraway countries.

This is a simple story with unique illustrations that celebrate imagination, art, and exploration by combining the Arctic landscape with tropical colors and creatures. The author was born in Columbia and resides in Montreal. The message that we can explore our world no matter where we find ourselves is an important one for all children. 

P. K. Foster, teacher-librarian

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