Sunday, July 15, 2018

I Love a Book by Joe Rhatigan - ADVISABLE

I Love a Book by Joe Rhatigan, illustrated by Olga and Aleksey Ivanov. PICTURE BOOK/NONFICTION. Moon Dance (Quarto), 2017. $17. 9781633222267



This is a rhyming love poem dedicated to books, narrated by the boy on the cover. He is absolutely enthralled with the mystery, magic, and curious facts you can find in books. So many on the shelves, just waiting for us reach out and take them in our hands, open up the covers, and let their ideas fly!

Kids will enjoy pouring over the pictures: they are loads of fun, with each spread depicting a different scene made possible when a book has fired up our imagination, has used its “magical net” to “capture stories” that we’ll “never forget”, as the boy says. They can take us from pirate ships to space ships, from a cow in a tree to sharks in the classroom, from trains to dogs to pyramids. This is an advisable purchase for your poetry section.

P. K. Foster, teacher-librarian

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