Saturday, July 21, 2018

Twig by Aura Parker - ADVISABLE

Twig by Aura Parker.  PICTURE BOOK Simon and Schuster, 2018.  $18 9781534424685  



Heidi is the new girl at bug school.  She is a stick bug and is often mistaken as something else or not noticed at all.  When Heidi’s teacher notices what is going on, she coordinates the knitting of  a colorful scarf that makes Heidi more noticeable.  Heidi quickly becomes a favorite among the bugs because there are lots of things that she is able to do including the game of Hide and Seek.  

I loved this book about a wallflower that is finally appreciated.  I loved the illustrations of cute Heidi the stick insect.  This is good for those who feel like nobody notices them and also for those who might overlook others—great moral of appreciation ourselves and others.  

C. Peterson.

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