Saturday, July 21, 2018

Good Morning Snowplow! By Deborah Bruss - OPTIONAL

Good Morning Snowplow! By Deborah Bruss, illustrated by Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson.  PICTURE BOOK.  Arthur A. Levine (Scholastic), 2018.  $18.  9781338089493



While the city is going to sleep, the snowplow is just getting started.  All through the night the plow and driver work hard to make the streets clear and safe for everyone waking up to the sun rising – as their work day is just ending.

Bruss tells her story is that sing-songy rhyme where it is hard to resist bursting out into song. It makes it hard as a read aloud. The illustrations have a snowy night quality.  While I totally get the choice to evoke a snowy night, washed out pictures coupled with a lackluster font choice make for a dreary read.

Cindy, Middle School Librarian

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