Friday, June 30, 2017

What would Captain Picard Do? by Brandon Snider -NO

Snider, Brandon What would Captain Picard Do? 40 pages. Penguin, 2017. $12.99. Language: G ( 0 swears) ; Mature Content: G; Violence: G.
This book is a collection of glossy stills from the show Star Trek: The Next Generation, with a focus on Captain Picard. It features life advice disguised as references to the show. 

This book is very specific, only a fan who knew every episode and watched them multiple times, would understand the references. (That would be me). That being said, it wasn't interesting or funny, much of the text was just fairly lame, even for a (Huge) fan. Middle School and High school fans of the show, would probably find this book even more boring than I did. The only thing that could have saved this would have been a free poster size of the captain for me to hang up in my trekkie collectibles room (Ok, I don't really have one of those).
MS, HS –NO Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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