Friday, June 16, 2017

Meet Brightly - book recommendations galore

The prolific publishers of Penguin Random House have a website dedicated to helping parents and other adults choose books for their kids of all ages.  The books recommended are from all publishers, so don't be afraid that this is a PRH rah-rah website - it isn't!

Brightly is helmed by a wide variety of book enthusiasts and the article contributors come from many walks of lives.  The articles that I have read are very clever and extremely helpful. There is lots to explore on this website.  An excellent resource for any kind of book recommendation.
As an example, this article talks about books for 9-12 year-old boys in three different genres.  I have read most of the books and heartily approve of the selections.  Another article is all about books about sleep away camp - a nice mix of classic and new books.  You can tell that the writers have full reign over their contributions.

All together, this is a blog well worth following. --Cindy

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