Monday, June 26, 2017

Piper Morgan Makes a Splash by Stephanie Faris -- OPTIONAL

Faris, Stephanie Piper Morgan Makes a Splash (Piper Morgan #4), illustrated by Lucy Fleming. CHAPTER BOOK. Simon & Schuster, 2017. $5.99. Content: G.

In the fourth installment of the series, Piper's mom now has a temp job working at a local pool store. When Piper discovers that the store is about to give its famous commercial a makeover, she's determined to be in it. But her attempts, well, end up all wet.

Piper is cute and fun, and the breezy writing and action-packed story make for a quick read. Unfortunately, Piper is also fairly self-centered, and that makes it hard to root for her all the time. It's also difficult to believe that some of her mistakes don't have more consequences.

EL (K-3) -- OPTIONAL. Reviewed by Sydney G., K-6 Library Media Specialist

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