Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Quest to the Uncharted Lands by Jaleigh Johnson - ADVISABLE

Johnson, Jaleigh The Quest to the Uncharted Lands (Dragonfly #3), 336 pages.  Delacorte (Random), 2017.  $17.  Content: G.

The first expedition to the Uncharted Lands is ready to take off.  Stella’s parents are in that group and she is determined not to be left behind – even if she has to stowaway.  That part of the plan was simple, but nothing after that is.  Not only is there another stowaway – a boy, Cyrus,  who is from the Uncharted Lands, but another stowaway is determined to sabotage the entire expedition.  Stella and Cyrus will have to work together is anyone is going to make it home alive.

Johnson was very clever with this series.  While all of the books are set in the same universe and each story builds logically on the others, the time gaps between books leave room for new characters in each book, making the story the focus, not the continuing personalities.  Just enough action without being battle heavy.

EL, MS – ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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