Monday, June 26, 2017

Spill Zone (Book #1) by Scott Westerfeld -OPTIONAL

Westerfeld, Scott Spill Zone (Book #1) 215 pages. First Second, 2017. $22.99. Language: R (36 swears; 13 'f'') ; Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG.GRAPHIC NOVEL 

Addison is a young woman who must take care of her younger sister. To do this she must venture into a terrible place, her former hometown. There a horrible and mysterious incident occurred, turning the entire place into a zone of horror; monsters, mysterious floating items, strange colors, transformed animals, and adult meat puppets who aren't dead but for sure aren't alive (including Addison's parents presumably). Addison photographs the unusual and escapes with her life, then sells the prints to support her and her sister. When she gets an offer she can't refuse, and must face the epicenter, the hospital where her parents were when the disaster occurred. Features dark and intriguing illustrations. 

This is a horror graphic novel, so not appropriate for elementary. There is some creepy doll action which is almost scarier than what I described above. Despite this, it was absolutely fascinating and engaging, like the TV show Stranger Things. The characters are memorable and venerable, and I found myself really hoping the best for them, and I can't wait to read future books in the series. I think teen readers would LOVE this book!

HS –OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

FYI:  I edited this review after I read the book and counted the swears.  Cindy


Lwat said...

This does have language and the F word at least twice

Cindy Mitchell said...

Hi Lwat - thank you for the heads up. I went back and read it myself and then edited the review to reflect the new information i found! Profound difference. Cindy