Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Land of Forgotten Girls by Erin Kelly - ADVISABLE

Kelly, Erin Entrada The Land of Forgotten Girls 299 pgs. Greenwillow Books, 2016. Language: G (0 swears) Mature Content: PG (domestic abuse) Violence: PG 

After Sol's mom dies, she moves from the Philippines to the United States with her sister, Ming, her dad and new stepmom, Vea.  Not long after they move, her father goes back for a funeral and doesn't return.  Sol and Ming are stuck with Vea who is mean and can’t find steady work so Sol and Ming usually get the brunt of her anger.  Sol spends her time making up stories to comfort her sister who is shy and withdrawn or spending time with her friend, Manny, away from the apartment.  It seems there’s always something to do whether it’s eating popsicles to cool off, exploring the junkyard or making fun of the kids that are still in school.  

This was a really nice story about sisters, taking care of each other and finding friends and allies in unexpected places.  It was well written and engaging.  There are incidents of abuse which may be disturbing to some readers but I appreciate that Sol finds a voice when situations are sometimes out of her control.  


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