Friday, September 23, 2016

Enzo's Very Scary Halloween by Garth Stein - ADVISABLE

Stein, Garth Enzo's Very Scary Halloween, Illustrated by R.W. Alley. PICTURE BOOK. Harper Collins, 2016. $17.99. Content: G. 

As Denny and his daughter, Zoe, prepare for Halloween, their dog, Enzo, gets more and more nervous. Zoe keeps talking about ghosts and pumpkins, and giant spider webs appear around the neighborhood. Then on Halloween night, Enzo himself is transformed into a fire-breathing dragon! Enzo is ready to fight down the demons and save the neighborhood, until Zoe helps him understand that Halloween is fun and there is nothing really to be scared about. 

This is a really fun new book to add to your Halloween collection. The illustrations are simple yet beautiful, and the characters of Zoe and Enzo are especially well brought to life. The story, told from Enzo's point of view, is fun and will make kids laugh. The writing may be a little long for the youngest readers to appreciate in a read-aloud situation, but younger elementary age will enjoy it. 

PRE-K, K-3, EL--ADVISABLE. Reviewer: TC

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