Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Ride of Your Life by P.J. Night-ADVISABLE

Night, P.J., The Ride of Your Life. Pgs. 143. Simon Spotlight, 2014. $5.99. Language: G, Mature Content: PG, Violence: PG

When Gabby goes to visit her friend Sydney in Iowa, she’s afraid she’s going to be bored out of her brains. When the two discover a haunted, creepy carnival, however, with kids their age, they get excited. Things aren’t always what they seem, however, and Gabby is afraid that she won’t be able to get Sydney to leave. Will she succeed? How haunted is the carnival?

A fun, semi-scary novel for fans of Goosebumps. The characters are likable and the plot is intense. Readers who like horror novels will enjoy reading this book. EL. ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Kira M, Youth Services Librarian, WHI Public Library.

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