Friday, September 19, 2014

Charlie Bumpers vs. The Squeaking Skull by Harley - ADVISABLE

Harley, Bill Charlie Bumpers vs. The Squeaking Skull, 164 pgs. Peachtree, 2014. $13.95 Content: Language: G (no swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: G

It’s almost Halloween and fourth grader Charlie Bumpers was invited to his friend’s for a Halloween sleepover.  Not only does he still not have a costume but he found out they’re watching the scary movie The Screaming Skull.  How can Charlie not only figure out his costume, but a way to watch the movie without getting scared?

This book is a fun read, combining the childhood excitement of Halloween (then again, who doesn't love candy?) and creating a costume, as well as the compulsion to put on a brave face when watching a horror movie with friends.  Charlie’s interactions with his friends and family as well as how he deals with the situations thrown at him seemed real to me.  The story moves along at a great pace and the illustrations which accompany the book added great visuals to keep the reader immersed in the story.

EL - ADVISABLE.  Reviewer: M. Beckstrand

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