Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nicky Goes to the Doctor by Richard Scarry- ADVISABLE

Scarry, Richard Nicky Goes to the Doctor. PICTURE BOOK. Random House Children's Books, 2014. $5.99. Content: G.  Nicky goes to the doctor for her yearly checkup.  She has her eyes, heart, weight, and  height checked.  The doctor also checks her tummy, her throat, her ears and reflexes.  Last but not least, Nicky needs to get some shots.  "Nobody likes shots but we need them to sometimes help us stay healthy and well." the Doctor says.  At the end of the visit Nicky gets a balloon.  When Nicky reports her visit to her siblings, they all want a turn! Mom says they will have to take turns but will all have a chance to see the doctor for their own checkups.  Richard Scarry uses his unique illustrations to make yearly visits to the doctor less scary.  He reassures readers about concerns by showing what happens during an annual visit and explaining why we need doctor visits.  The illustrations are detailed and bright.  This book could be used in a unit on staying healthy. ADVISABLE. Pre-K. EL (K-3) Reviewer: SL.

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