Monday, September 15, 2014

Tesla’s Attic by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman-ADVISABLE

Shusterman, Neal and Elfman, Eric, Tesla’s Attic. Pgs. 248. Disney Hyperion, 2014.

Language: G, Mature Content: PG, Violene: PG

After his family’s house burns down, 14-year old Nick, his father, and younger brother move into a ramshackle Victorian House. When Nick opens the door to his new attic room, a toaster hits him on the head. To clean out his new bedroom, Nick decides to sell it all at a garage sale. When he turns on a light at the sale, weird things start to happen. All of the objects in the attic appear to have magical properties. In fact, his bedroom turns out to be a magnetic vortex created by Nicola Tesla that only attracts trouble. When he turns on a light during the garage sale, people are drawn towards the sale. In order to stop the trouble everything is causing, Nick must retrieve all of the objects before it’s too late. A secret society called the Accelerati, however is determined to stop Nick at all costs. Will Nick succeed?

A fun, adventure-filled science fiction novel that will delight and engage avid and reluctant readers. The characters are likable and entertaining as well as well-developed. The plot, though implausible, is well-written and complex. With lots of twists and turns, fans of science fiction and Neal Shusterman will enjoy reading this book.


Reviewer: Jessica Moody, Library Media Specialist, Olympus Jr. High.

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