Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stop, Thief! by Heather Tekavec -- ADVISABLE

Tekavec, Heather Stop, Thief! Illustrated by Pierre Pratt. PICTURE BOOK. Kids Can Press, 2014. $16.95. Content: G.

Someone is stealing all the farmer's crops, and Max the dog is on the case, but even though he's sure he has the right suspect, it turns out the real thieves are right under his nose.

This book is very entertaining for children as well as adults, and the cute illustrations pair well with the text. If read with a sense of wink-wink-nod-nod fun, kids will likely catch on to the irony and feel very smart for figuring out who the real culprits are -- especially since none of the actual characters in the book have a clue.

Pre-K, EL (K-3) -- ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Caryn

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