Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sammy Keyes and the Showdown in Sin City by Wendelin Van Draanen - - ESSENTIAL

Van Draanen, Wendelin Sammy Keyes and the Showdown in Sin City, 270 pgs. Random House Children’s Books, 2013.  $16.99. Language: PG (5 swears, 0 Fs); Violence: G; Mature Content: G.  

When Sammy Keyes finds out her mother plans to get married (to Heather’s dad of all people!) she takes off on her own to Las Vegas to stop the wedding. But with no idea where or when the wedding is supposed to happen, Sammy has to align herself with her mortal enemy, Heather.  Can the two of them (and Heather’s mom) find the happy couple in time to really mess up their special day? 

Episode #16, and I’m not tired of Sammy yet.  Fast moving, funny, and stands alone. Van Draanen catches you up in about 2 pages and doesn’t spoil the previous books (much).  Save some shelf space - - there’s 2 more!

EL MS -  ESSENTIAL    Lisa Librarian

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