Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Robot, Go Bot! by Dana Meachen Rau-ADVISABLE

Rau, Dana Meachen Robot, Go Bot! Illustrated by Wook Jin Jung. 32pgs. Random House,2013. $3.99. STEP INTO READING.  A little girl gets a new friend in the form of a robot.  They do all kinds of fun activities like blow bubbles and throw a ball, but the girl starts to use the Robot for her own gain.  She makes him mow the lawn and row her boat.  She works him like a pack horse.  The robot finally has enough and leaves.  He doesn't return until the little girl apologizes. 

This book addresses friendship in an extremely simple way.  It has almost no words, but the author still manages to get the story across.  It teaches kids an important lesson: Friendship is a two-sided relationship and if one person takes it for granted, it is not going to work out.  The illustrations were fun.  The little girl and the robot are adorable!  I believe a young child would enjoy this book.  ADVISABLE.  Student Reviewed: JL

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