Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Pirate’s Coin by Marianne Malone - ADVISABLE

Malone, Marianne The Pirate’s Coin (Sixty-Eight Rooms adventure), 202 p. Random House, 2013.  $17. 

Content: G.  

Ruthie and Jack are deep into another mystery.  Their school friend Kendra is a descendant of Phoebe Monroe – the same Phoebe the pair helped in their last adventure.  They need to make their way back to the sixty-eight rooms and find the documents that were lost decades earlier, in order to prove that one of Phoebe’s grandchildren was not a thief.  In addition, though, Jack has a famous ancestor and there might be something in a room  - maybe even the pirate himself?  But even though the friends have been able to do good things with their trips through the rooms, playing with the past could have dangerous consequences.  

Whew – thank goodness book number three is better than book number two!  The story flows well, with a great combination of action, danger, and still giving the reader a chance to learn more about the main characters.  I am actually looking forward to future books, should there be more.  

EL – ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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