Monday, July 15, 2013

Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore - ADVISABLE

Clement-Moore, Rosemary  Spirit and Dust, 384 pgs.  Delacorte Press, 2013.  $17.99  Content:  Language: PG-13 (72 swears; 9 God); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG-13. 
 Daisy can talk to the dead and it has landed her a position with the FBI.  She goes to the scene of a murder and helps solve the crime by talking to the murdered suspect.  When she is flown in on the murder of a bodyguard, she tries to help find the kidnapped daughter of the local crime boss, Devlin Maguire.  When Maguire doesn’t feel like the case is moving along quickly enough, he kidnaps Daisy and threatens her family unless she finds his daughter.  Maguire’s son, Carson, is put in charge of Daisy’s investigation and quickly the two become supernatural detectives as they connect art museums and historical books to the missing girl. 
This is a fast paced mystery that has supernatural elements.  The chemistry between Daisy and Carson is great and they question whether or not they can trust each other throughout the book, which makes the ending exciting.  Certain parts of the book feel like Night at the Museum, but it takes place in Chicago’s Field Museum which is super creepy/awesome.  This was a fun book and it’s easy to recommend because it will suck the reader in. 
MS, HS-ADVISABLE.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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