Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ollie and Moon Aloha! by Diane Kredensor-OPTIONAL

Kredensor, Diane Ollie and Moon Aloha! 48pgs. Random house, 2013. $4.99. STEP INTO READING. Ollie and Moon are best friends, but they can’t find anything to do for fun! It seems like they have done everything possible, until Ollie comes up with the idea to play “dare”.  They have great fun until Ollie dares Moon into doing something she is very afraid to do.  With the help of Ollie, she conquers her fear and has a great time.

This book was a little long for me.  I feel the author could have gotten the point across in less pages.  It had a good story it just could have been condensed.  The illustrations were a little strange. Some parts were drawn, and some were actual pictures, that didn’t really catch my eye. I would like one or the other.  I feel a child would become bored with this book.  Pre-K.  EL(K-3).            OPTIONAL.  Student Reviewer: JL

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