Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Weirder School #8: Dr. Nicholas is Ridiculous- ESSENTIAL

Gutman, Dan. My Weirder School #8: Dr. Nicholas is Ridiculous!  Illustrated by Jim Paillot. 112pgs.  Harper Collins, 2013. $3.99.  CHAPTER BOOK.  Content: G.

This story is about a kid named A.J. who goes to a “weird school.” A.J. gets an F on his history test along with almost every other kid in school.  His principal asks his former history professor to come in and teach the kids about history.  Her name is Dr. Nicholas.  She teachers them about history but not American History like the Revolutionary War, instead she teaches them about who invented the Barbie Doll and who invented flushing toilets.  Will they get another F on their history test and in turn have to shut down the school?  

I liked the illustrations in this book.  They were in cartoon format and really funny.  I thought the story was as good as the other My Weird School books.  The story was very creative and interesting.  

EL (K-3).  ESSENTIAL.  Student Reviewer: JL

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