Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tivoli's Christmas by David R. Christensen-OPTIONAL

Christensen, David R. Tivoli’s Christmas 91pgs. Prismatic publishing, 2008. $12.00. Chapter Book. Content: G. Tivoli the teddy bear thinks his owner Kristen no longer wants him because he is worn out and tattered.  He spends Christmas Eve on a search to get repaired, thinking if he doesn't, Kristen will get a new bear for Christmas and he will be forgotten.  With the help of an alley cat named Whiskers, Tivoli achieves his goal, but finds out along the way that how you act is much more important than how you look.  In the end, Kristen never wanted to get rid of him.

This book was well written and very descriptive.  The author had a great vocabulary for the target audience.  There weren’t a lot of pictures which I liked because it left it up to your own imagination. It has a good moral which is easy to spot and teaches a good lesson.  My main problem with it is it was a little too repetitive.  Whiskers the alley cat saves the day one to many times, and it seems Tivoli runs into the same problems multiple times.  Pre-K.  EL (K-3) Optional.  Student Reviewed: JL

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