Monday, June 3, 2013

Are the Dinosaurs Dead Dad? by Julie Middleton-ESSENTIAL

Middleton, Julie Are the Dinosaurs Dead Dad? Illustrated by Russell Ayto.  32 pgs.  Peachtree  Publishers, 2013. $16.95.  PICTURE BOOK. This book is about a boy and his father who go to the dinosaur museum.  The son asks, “Are the Dinosaurs Dead Dad?” The father said that they were.  The boy still thinks that they are alive because the dinosaurs are trying to eat his hamburger and tickle him.  The Tyrannosaurus Rex tries to eat both father and son.  Finally the dad notices they might not be dead after all!  They run away.  Read to find out what happens next.  I liked the illustrations.  It was great how the dad was unaware of the dinosaur’s tricks in the beginning, but finally believed the boy.  I liked how the illustrator drew the dinosaurs. This would be a fun book to add to a dinosaur unit.   EL (K-3). ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: JL- age 10.

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