Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wrong Way by Mark Macleod- ADVISABLE

Macleod, Mark. Wrong Way.  Illustrated by Judith Rossell. 32 pgs.  Kane/Miller Book Publishers.   $14.99.  G- PICTURE BOOK.  Mother Duck and her three ducklings are out for a walk.  Right Way and Your Way and very obedient ducklings and do whatever their mother asks.  Wrong Way, on the other hand, seems to always do things differently.  Mother Duck wants to teach them how to swim and takes her ducklings off to the pond.  Getting there is almost more than she can bear because Wrong Way is walking the wrong way, hiding in bushes, and playing in puddles.  Mother Duck wonders if they will not only make it to the pond, but whether it’s even worth the effort.  In the end swimming lessons are successful, even if Wrong Way does it his OWN way!  This is an adorable book about finding that fine line between being stubborn and being individual.  We laughed at the adventures and loved the surprise ending to this sweet book.  Pre-K.  EL (K-3).  ADVISABLE.  Reviewer: SL.

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