Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Faeries’ Promise: The Full Moon by Kathleen Duey - ADVISABLE

Duey, Kathleen. The Faeries’ Promise: The Full Moon, illustrated by Sandara Tang.  Aladdin, 2011.  $15.99.  115 pages.  Content:  Language: G; Violence: G; Sexual Content: G.  Book Four of The Faerie’s Promise series, continues the story of the faeries who have secretly returned to the forbidden meadow near Ash Grove.  Lord Dunraven has made a law that forbids friendships between humans and faeries.  Alida, a faerie princess, has already befriended a young boy named Gavin.  One day in the woods she sees a human girl fall off her horse.  She goes to assist her and learns that she is Ellen Dunraven, daughter of the cruel lord.  Alida lifts the heavy log off of her foot and helps her back to her horse.  The humans of the village invite the faeries to a winter feast, Alida learns that Ellen’s foot hasn’t healed and wonders if the magic of faerie would help.  The illustrations resemble Japanese Manga, but with smaller eyes.   The illustrations are full pages and simply, but beautifully detailed.  The story has a simple plot and premise that will appeal to young girls interested in beginning chapter books about faeries.  Expect more additions to this series. 
EL-ADVISABLE. Samantha Hastings, MA, MLS.

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