Monday, June 18, 2012

Ten Rules for Living with my Sister by Ann M Martin –OPTIONAL

Martin, Ann M Ten Rules for Living with my Sister 240 pgs. Feiwel & Friends 2011. $10.98.  (Rating: G)
Pearl is 9 year old girl who is constantly at odds with her big sister, Lexie. One might say she will do almost anything to get her attention. Sometimes the things she does are mostly accidents. Pearl’s grandfather has to move in with them, and the two girls end up sharing a bedroom. Pearl learns some things about communication by dealing with her grandfather, which helps with her relationship with her sister.
Although the main character is 9 years old, she acts much younger. So for the reading level, it’s a really really long book -240 pages. There isn’t much of a plot, per se, more of just the day to day life and the changes it brings to her life. I think a 7 year old will enjoy reading this book but might not finish it. An older student would grow weary of the childish thoughts and antics,that go on and on. ELEMENTARY –OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate & Author.

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