Monday, June 25, 2012

Fangirl by Ken Baker - ADVISABLE

Baker, Ken Fangirl, 272 p. Running Press, OCTOBER 2012.  $10.  Mature Content: G; Violence: G; Language: PG-13 (31 swears, 0 ‘f’). 

Josie Brandt, 14, has always been a huge fan of Peter Maxx, 16-year-old pop star, but now that the two have met, things quickly became very serious.  It started when her BFF entered Peter’s song contest using one of Josie’s songs.  Now Peter can’t get his mind off Josie and Josie feels just the same. In the world of whirlwind tours, paparazzi and gossip leaks, do these two young lovers have a chance to build something serious?  Or will the pair fall victim to paranoia and pressure?   

Fangirl is so wonderfully cute that you might think it was written as fan fiction by a 14 year old "Stan" (read stalker + fan), but author Ken Baker is anything but.  He does, however have a great view of life inside the Hollywood fishbowl and does a fabulous job of opening up that world to our view.  If you want to steer your students away from the Clique series or from Gossip Girl, add this to your collection.  I’m pretty sure this one will by shared by tweens and young teens all over.  And its coming out in paperback, so make sure you buy 2.  MS – ADVISABLE; EL  - OPTIONAL (see swear count).  Cindy, Library Teacher

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